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Deer Avatar


Deer Avatar


Sold By: Spaghet
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A Deer Avatar, designed for use in VRChat!

Select the Full Hoof Collection option to get 5 unique species:

Deer, Goat, Gazelle, Oryx, and Cow!


  • Full body tracking ready
  • Full voice visemes
  • Cute facial expressions (gesture overrides)
  • Floppy dynamic ears, tail, tongue, butt, and udder physics
  • 4K Textures
  • All source files (Blender and Substance Painter)
  • Pre-packaged Unity package.
  • Hooves!

You will need to import the latest version of the VRChat SDK, as well as the latest version of the Dynamic Bones addon into the project, see included instructions.

If you require help with troubleshooting, you can contact me on Discord! [@Spaghet#0001]


Upon purchase of the Deer Avatar/Model you are free to do whatever you want with the model, with the following exceptions:

1. Claiming the work as your own is strictly prohibited.

2. Re-selling or sharing the avatar files is strictly prohibited. (Uploading clone-able versions to VRChat is allowed)

3. A commissioner may sell a customization of the avatar to someone only if both commissioner and client have purchased the avatar.

I am NOT responsible for any administrative actions taken against you for misuse of the model, or if you break VRChat’s TOS.


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