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Kuda’s Hair – Stylish Pack


Kuda’s Hair – Stylish Pack


Sold By: Kudalyn's Creations
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*Please note these haven’t been modified for the Cheribrum by myself yet! Most are still usable, but may need a bit of tweaking to fit the back of the Cheribrum head in Blender. I plan on making altered versions for the Cheribrum at a later date, but feel free to do so yourself if you have the knowledge. Thank you!*

Thank you for your interest!

This is the first of the multitude of hair packs I’m creating for my models. These are intended to be usable with any current and future models I create.

Shown from left to right is Ponytail, Long Hair, Unisex, and Sideswept.

Included in this purchase is the FBX, the .SPP file, textures, and a Unitypackage with a scene that contains my recommended size, Dynamic Bone settings, preset materials, and bounding box settings for the hair sets. If importing into a current project, I recommend opening up the scene and copying over the information into your existing scene.

These can be purchased for use with other models! Keep in mind they are designed for models with larger animal ears.

I’ve also textured the hair in such a way that you can easily tint the hair tone in Unity on the hair’s material! Please see the displayed gif for a demonstration.

If you’re interested in the models used in the display images, please check out my Canine pack!


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