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Kuda’s Cheribrum DLC – Lombrum


Kuda’s Cheribrum DLC – Lombrum


Sold By: Kudalyn's Creations

This is still made for Ver 1.0 of the Cheribrum! I will be updating this to Ver 1.5 as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience!

Latest to Kuda’s DLC – the Lombrum!

This is a texture and head-accessory pack for Kuda’s Cheribrum.

A How-To guide is included in the Read-Me in the folder!


Package includes:

– Texture PNGs
– SPPs for Body and Accessories
– Rigged Mesh Head Accessories
-Aviator Cap
-Hair Tuft
– Animations for ear positions
– Expressions with ear positions
– Blendshape Suggestions

Base Cheribrum:


Avatar World:


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