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SALE: 75% OFF: Floaxy – Fluffy Dragon / Bat

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $7.50.

It’s time to Rawr

SALE: 75% OFF: Floaxy – Fluffy Dragon / Bat

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $7.50.

Sold By: Kyderra
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Update 1.35 (12-06-2022)

– Butterfly’s textures has been updated courtesy of AlexBlu (Twitter @AlexBlu_)
– New Texture ‘Zack’ added, courtesy of Whiro (Twitter: @Ricardo81034984)

Update 1.34 (27-05-2022)

Quest capable version of the Floaxy Deluxe has been added.

Update (27-05-2022)

Quest capable version of the Floaxy Deluxe has been added.


The Floaxy 1.3 – Deluxe, has been released!

After a very long haul of working on it I can finally announce that the Deluxe version of the Floaxy has been released!
Happy Dragon noises

In this update the model has been overhauled to be Modular as well as add a lot of features.

To start off, it now has:
– New Textures added
– New Hairstyles added
– New Fluff type added
– New horn types added
– Workout clothes and jacked added
– New / Better Expressions
– Better Weight Paint
– PhysBone (of course)
– New tongue added

There’s now also a controller to play around with ingame:

Lovely new Butterfly texture done by AlexBlu

A new AFK pose has been added:


You can get the Floaxy Deluxe version at your Gumroad account, just log in and check under your library.
If you run into any issue let me know via Discord and I’ll be happy to help out.

Thank you all for your support <3
– Kyderra

Patch note (23-04-2022)
New version of the Floaxy Bat has been added!

The Bat now has a fully overhauled version!

The new version has the new Beans and Paws of the Floaxy, as well as new bat ears, face blendshapes, a tail and new fluff! more bat then Ever!

Not only in the looks department has this Batty been updated, it now comes with a controller to tweak settings ingame, Physbones, and an adorable Sleeping AFK animation.

Features include:

– Photoshop files

– Bat Version of the Floaxy

– Pre-packaged Unity package with scene’s set up and ready for upload.

– All source files. (Blender and Substance Painter)

– Blendshapes to tweak body shape.

– Tail, Hair, fluff, tongue and ears PhysBone set up

– Full body tracking ready.

– Expressive facial Visems.

In case you have questions:
Link to Public Floaxy discord server for personals tech help and announcements.


– I rather have this on my gumroad account
After purchase on Ferune at any time I can send you a code for gumroad. Please DM me on Discord.

– Can I get a refund?
Not satisfied? You will get money back, no questions asked.
Please note that this will be done via Gumroads own refund system which handles the process.
I also offer support on issue’s you may have with uploading the avatar via my discord server.

-Is the Floaxy an open Species?
While the Species is open, if you wish to make a new 3D Floaxy model to sell it, please contact me for an available commercial license.

– I want to commission an artist for an original texture but they do not own the avatar, do they need to buy it?
No. A commissioned artist can grab the substance painter files from the above link.
The artist does not need to buy the avatar as long as they don’t use it for personal use.

– Am I allowed to have a public version of this avatar?
Absolutely, yes


Upon purchase of the Floaxy Avatar you are free to do whatever you want with the model,

The following is not allowed:

1. Claiming the work as your own is strictly prohibited.

2. Re-selling or sharing the model is strictly prohibited.

3. I am NOT responsible for any administrative actions taken against you for misuse of the model, or if you break VRChat’s TOS.


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