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Durgarra – Fluffy Dragon Model for VRchat (Quest + PC)


Durgarra – Fluffy Dragon Model for VRchat (Quest + PC)


Sold By: Kyderra
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Are you ready to Durg?
Then became Durg and Awrawr at your friends!

Features include:
– Pre-packaged Unity package with scene’s set up and ready for upload.
– Beginner friendly setup
– All source files. (Blender and Substance Painter)
– Modular Body parts for easy additions.
– Various bodyshapes tweakable ingame via blendshapes
– Posable wings with option to fold them.
– Male, female and gender-neutral body blendshapes
– Multiple types of horns and fluff
– Full body tracking ready.
– Expressive facial Visems.
– Custom made Expression menu and icons
– Direct and quick personal support for any issue’s via Discord
– Free future updates

Main PC version: Base body: 40k Tris
Wings: 14k Tris
Spike hair and Horns: 11k Tris
Clothes: 20K tris
4 Materials
4 Skinned Mesh Render

Quest / Optimized PC version:
17k Tris
3 to 4 Materials
1 Skinned Mesh Render
Reduced bones and Physbones count
Uses same textures UV as main PC version

Public test Avatars links:
Facetracking version:

You can find the avatar in furhub and in my Avatar world:


============Version 2.00 Patch notes============
– Face Tracking!
– Scaly version (Includes Fins, scales, Horns and a new texture)
– New base scene with beginner friendly instructions and info for all versions.

– Whiskers added as a toggle
– Wing flap on Jump animation
– Wing flap Toggle animation
– Wing Hug toggle
– Headpet receiver
– Toes auto rotation animation for FBT
– Bean squish receiver
– Added new menu options including to turn receivers off
– MMD capabilities added
– Made Spikey tail fluff, no longer a stingy boi

New additional features added created by the community on Discord:
– Additional animation files and pupped controllers for ears and tails made by M1S0 (Additional can be found on discord)
– Muscles Normal Textures made by .Kiwi. (included in substance as toggle)
– Workout ctlothes Textures by myself (Smart Material)

– Fixed paws not closing fully on quest controller
– Fixed Spike fluff clicking trough neck on 100% size
– Fixed Floof clipping trough pants with shirt on
– Fixed tongue going a little sideways on blep
– Fixed Shirt not toggling floof off correctly
– Lots of other small fixes

============Future update Roadmap============
– Dragon rider Outfit in preparation for Furality Umbra
– Modular version
– Big fluffy+ version, the fluff will go everywhere

============Version 1.30 Patch notes============
– Deer Variant Added (Deergarra)

============Version 1.20 Patch notes============
– Quest + Optimized Pc version added

============Version 1.10 Patch notes============
– Clothes have been added
– New Physbones have been added for the chest fluff and tail fluff
You can now pet your durgs chest more softly. ^^


– Am I allowed to have a public version of this avatar?
Yes, Absolutely! I encourage showing off your creativity and sharing it with other people.

– It’s not working, I would like a refund?
Yes, Note that this will be done via Gumroads own refund system.


Upon purchase of the Durgarra you are free to do whatever you want with the model,

The following is not allowed:

1. Claiming the work as your own is strictly prohibited.

2. Re-selling or sharing the model is strictly prohibited.

3. I am NOT responsible for any administrative actions taken against you for misuse of the model, or if you break VRChat’s TOS.


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