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Kuda’s Canines 2.0 – Model and VRC Avatar pack


Kuda’s Canines 2.0 – Model and VRC Avatar pack


Sold By: Kudalyn's Creations

All new from the ground up, Kuda’s Canines are back!

Kuda’s Canines come with now 5(!) texture presets, even more customization blendshapes, multiple Contacts for interactions, and twice as much floppy ear and floofy fun!
Being built on the current Standard body, they can use (almost*) any of Kuda’s Clothes listed in the store!
I’m very glad to have gotten these done, and I sincerely hope you enjoy.

>> Notice!! If you purchased my Original Kuda’s Canines BEFORE March 2022, please contact me with proof of purchase either via email ( or in my Discord Server via a ticket, and you can get a customized 50% off code for the Kuda’s Canines 2.0! Keep in mind this specific discount does NOT stack with the Boxing Day Sale discount! <<

>> This avatar is not natively Quest compatible!!

>> Please Read the TOS at the bottom for information about commissions and usage! Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: This package was built for 2019 Unity. Testers have trialed it for 2022 Unity and found no issues, but please keep in mind the 2022 VCC is still in Beta, and thus there may be risks with using it. I will not be making 2022 packages until all VCC issues have been ironed out. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest!

This is a model and texture collection. Contained inside is all you’ll need to make your own Kuda’s Canines avatar.


  • Full-Body Tracking compatibility
  • Five textures and multiple assets for customization.
  • Blendshapes for an immense amount of customization for body, face, and details
  • Male and Female blendshapes on same mesh.
  • MMD Visemes and expressions.
  • Contacts for special interaction with other Kuda’s Avatars and the world around you.

There will be updates in the future as needed. All updates for a purchased license for this specific model are free!

Included is the License and TOS for using and customizing this model. Open to customize and use for commissions, but both client and commissioner need to both own a license key for the Canine. NOT for reselling. More details inside OR at the bottom of this description.

I am indefinitely closed for avatar retexture commissions, but if looking for a custom texture, please join my Discord server! There are artists in there you can get in contact with who will take commissions for my avatars.

Discord link in Website!

(* A few things such as the Harness have not been fitted to the Head of any models other than the Jex, but please read the description of the Clothing assets before purchase to ensure compatibility! Thank you!)

–Avatar World–
If interested in testing out the model before purchase, I have a world with the models and public avatars uploaded to VRC:

Package Does Contain:

USES UNITY 2019.4.31f

– Textures, SPP files and PSD files

– Unitypackage with presets

– FBX and Blender files

– Upload guide and Discord server link

Please let me know if you have any issues! Message me @Kudalyn on twitter.

New TOS updates as of Dec 01, 2022

Anything listed as ‘the Avatar’ in this TOS is referring to: Kuda’s Canines 2.0

>The purchaser of the single personal use license has permission to:

– upload and modify the Avatar for personal use, as many times as wanted.
– use the Avatar for streaming, recording, and/or ‘VTubing’ purposes.
– take commissions of alterations and customizations of the Avatar. (Further clarification below in “For Commissions”)
– use assets to make accessories, additives, or clothing to/for the Avatar for Personal use.
– use assets to make accessories, additives, or clothing to/for the Avatar for:

-distributing within the appropriate Verified Discord channels in Kuda’s Server.
-selling on marketplaces like Gumroad if the accessories/clothing created AS LONG AS the assets made do not include significant portions of the Original Mesh of the Avatar.

(NOTICE: please ask/notify the original creator of the model (Kudalyn) of any created assets so she knows what is being made and can boost it for you!)

>For Commissions:
– It is allowed to purchase the Avatar with the intent of allowing someone else to customize it for you. However:

After the commission has been concluded the other person/commissionee will not be allowed to use the assets if they did not already own the Avatar. If they wish to do so they must purchase the Avatar themselves. This rule is to attempt to cut down on possible asset sharing and to ensure customers with the Avatars have proper access to future updates to the model via Gumroad.

– If the commissionee is the one who has access to the License Key instead of the Client:

(eg: Money was exchanged for commissionee to purchase the Avatar, and then gave the customized assets to the Client.) The commissionee is responsible for keeping their Client updated to newer versions of the Avatar if requested. They are also not allowed to continue using that individual License Key purchased for the commission for multiple Clients. That specific Key is for that Client only. If the commissionee wishes to continue taking commissions for the Avatar, they must purchase their own License Key.

– Owners of the Avatar can also commission someone to make clothing/additives for the Avatar, for personal use or to distribute in Kuda’s Server.

The above rule of ‘the commissionee is not allowed to continue using the default Avatar assets after the commission has been concluded unless they purchase their own License Key’ applies here as well.

>The purchaser/owner of this license does NOT have permission to:

– claim any ownership or authorship of the Unitypackage, FBX, or any containing assets.
– upload the default provided textures in the Unitypackage as a public avatar.
– share or distribute the raw assets OR altered/modified versions of the Unitypackage, FBX, or any containing assets OUTSIDE of Verified channels in Kuda’s Server.
– share, distribute, or sell altered/modified versions of the Unitypackage, FBX, or any containing assets of the Avatar they have created as their own original creation on any platform.
– share or sell assets taken or cut from the Unitypackage, FBX, or any containing assets of the Avatar on any platform outside of Verified channels in Kuda’s Server.
– distribute or sell the Avatar in any derivative work (like printing the model and selling it, etc)
– make any modifications to the Avatar or use the model in any way that’s malicious or illicit in nature (as in anything antagonistic or harmful.)
– use the Avatar or any assets included in this package in NFTs in any way, shape or form.