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Kuda’s Clothes – Turtleneck CropTop


Kuda’s Clothes – Turtleneck CropTop


Sold By: Kudalyn's Creations

April 2024: Updated with better matching blendshapes, PSD files and a VRCFury prefab!

For when your neck AND arms are cold but nothing else!

These are fit to Kuda’s Standard bases. (Avian/Hooves/Dragons/Jex/Canines)

Comes with blendshapes to match bodyshapes to the main body, and 3 premade textures.

Included in the folder is the FBX, SPP, and UV map of the assets with a short guide on how to add them to your model.


Disclaimer* The clothing is tight to the model, which may result in minor clipping in places like the armpits or elbows.


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