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Kuda’s Assets – Horn Pack


Kuda’s Assets – Horn Pack


Sold By: Kudalyn's Creations
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Hey there! Want some simple, nice-looking horns for your avatar? Look no further!

These are the same horns I made for my Cheribrum, just separated from the model.


– There are no textures included in this pack.

– All horns use the same material/share the same UV map.

– The horns have no armature of any form, they’re just mesh.

– As they’re originally made for the Cheribrum, they may not fit every head out of the box. They may require alteration in Blender.

– I have included the SPP for all horns along with the UV map, but I have not done any fancy textures for them. That’s up to you.

Other then that, enjoy!


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